• Applications of Noise Control in the Mining Industry
    Noise SourceNoise PathNoise ReceiverConclusionThere are three basic approaches to protecting the individual worker from hazardous noise exposure. First, we can address the source of the noise directly. This can be implemented at a number of different stages throughout the mining lifecycle. Noise should be a consideration early on and throughout the mining process, which means that it is imperative to ensure effective, considerate operational and administrative practices in tSee more on noisesolutions
  • Management of noise in Western Australian mining

    Management of noise in Western Australian mining operations guideline. 2 Noise exposure. 2.1 Measuring noise exposure . Exposure to noise must be determined according to the procedures in AS/NZS 1269.1 . Occupational noise management Measurement and assessment of noise

  • CDC Mining Noise Control in Underground Metal Mining

    This document is for operators, safety personnel, and mechanics in the mining industry who are not specialists in noise control engineering or acoustics. Evaluations of successful and unsuccessful attempts at controlling noise on several large, underground metal mining machines are detailed to illustrate the basic principles of noise control

  • Stillwater Mine Noise Reduction Plan

    Noise Reduction Plan MTI 1604 Rubber belting ‘skirt’ to the open engine compartment Wrapping the exhaust manifold and tubing with high temp insulation Wrapping the turbocharger and discharge elbow Wrapping the PTX or DPM soot trap Insulating the inside of the engine compartment hoods and covering the rear louvered areas Rubber flap over the opening at the transmission tower, next

  • Soundproofing and Noise Control Solutions

    Soundproofing and Noise Control Solutions. Sound Control is a privately owned company specialising in providing innovative engineered solutions in noise reduction. We understand that unique customer requirements for noise control products must meet the highest standards in form, fit and function to stand out from the competition. This is why we

  • NSW Mining Noise & Blasting NSW Mining

    Noise & blasting Some aspects of mining can be noisy, in particular blasting, crushing, draglines, conveyors and process plants. Our mines in NSW have comprehensive noise management plans to keep any disruptions to neighbours and the community to an absolute minimum.

  • Noise Reduction Sandvik Make It Count

    Noise Reduction Production units and mining sites are both environments that can be noisy to operate in. For this reason, Sandvik Mining is taking steps to help reduce noise levels which may be created either within our workshops or by our equipment.

  • Watsons Noise Control — Sound Solutions for the

    At Watsons Noise Control we hate noise! We specialise in the sale and installation of noise control materials for all of your soundproofing needs. For a free quote we can come to you. We are a mobile business that services the Perth CBD area as well as the rural and mining areas. Call 0433 051 895 to hear how we can help you.


    1 NOISE REDUCTION IN NEW OPEN-CUT COAL MINES, COAL HANDLING AND PREPARATION PLANTS P. Mills1, M. Bridges2, E. Juillerat1 1Sedgman Pty Ltd, Queensland, Australia 2Bridges Acoustics, New South Wales, Australia ABSTRACT Noise emission from coal handling and preparation plants continues to be an important issue in Australia, with

  • 7B Noise and Vibration Impact Assessment Criteria and

    7B Noise and Vibration Impact Assessment Criteria and Methodology 7B.1 Introduction This annex provides details of the basis for development of criteria for evaluating the significance of noise and vibration impacts for the Simandou Project and describes the methods used for predicting impacts from the Simandou Mine:

  • Hearing Protection & Communication Headsets for Mining

    Sensear’s Intrinsically Safe Smart Ear Muff and Smart Ear Plug noise reduction products for mining sites are powered by its groundbreaking SENS high noise communication technology, which elevates speech and suppressed dangerous background noise so workers can hear speech and stay protected in high noise environments.

  • How to Soundproof your miner Noise Reduction YouTube

    8/12/2018· I was able to eliminate up to 25 dB of noise allowing this machine to run I my garage. The boards are all at 72• Celsius. Fans at 45%, temps at 72• Celsius 1...

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  • Exposure & Control of Noise Australasian Mine Safety Journal

    Eliminating noise seems like an unlikely control in mining, but a simple example is as basic as identifying unnecessary noise sources that can be switched off when there is no need for them at a certain point of time in the production cycle. e.g. isolating air reticulation sections that aren’t in use. The use of compressed air is one of the most common sources of noise exposure and simple


    A further noise reduction was achieved by replacing the older Caterpillar 777 trucks with a fleet of five brand new Hitachi Al-1500 trucks. The 50-tonne Hitachi AH500s are smaller and quieter than the 90 tonne Caterpillar 777 trucks they have replaced, and are highly sought-after in the mining industry.

  • Noise reduction kits for mining equipment

    Five years ago, mining equipment manufacturing company Liebherr started to develop noise reduction kits for Liebherr mining equipment to be operated at an Australian open coal mine in the Hunter

  • AcousTech: Industrial Noise Control Experts & Acoustic Testing

    Welcome to AcousTech, your leading Australian, manufacturer, supplier and installer of industrial noise control and reduction solutions.Using comprehensive analysis, cutting-edge technology, and our years of experience as acoustic consultants and industrial noise experts, we create innovative solutions to even the most challenging commercial soundproofing problems.

  • Controlling Noise on Construction Sites LHSFNA

    Controlling Noise on Construction Sites Controlling Construction Noise Controlling construction noise can pose special problems for contractors. Unlike general industry, construction activities are not always stationary and in one location. Construction activities often take

  • Noise Regulation 17 Application for Fimiston Gold Mine

    Noise Regulation 17 Application for Fimiston Gold Mine Operations Assessment Outcomes (August 2015) 2 2. The Application Noise regulation 17(1) provides that “If a person is of the opinion that the person cannot reasonably or practicably comply with a standard prescribed under these

  • Bitmain Antminer Box L3+ D3 S9 A3 T9+ V9 Silence Box

    12/11/2017· Baikal and Bitmain Antminer L3+ D3 S9 A3 T9+ V9 Silence Box, Sound proof Box, noise proof Box mining Box for Bitcoin Litecoin Dash Sia and more Antminer Silence Box which reduces the noise to a

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  • The Vickery Project Whitehaven Coal

    1986 Small scale underground mining first commenced in the area. 1991-1998 Larger scale open cut mining at the former Vickery Coal Mine undertaken by Rio Tinto. May 1998 Mining at the former Vickery Coal Mine site ceased and rehabilitation works commenced. February 2010 Whitehaven acquired CL316 from Rio Tinto.

  • Tyre Deflation Noise Reduction Leading Practice Mining

    The Tyre Deflation Noise Reduction Simple Leading Practice is a practice which primarily focuses on the mitigation of the noise exposure risk of employees performing tyre maintenance work on or around mobile equipment. This is achieved through the isolation of the noise source position and remotely releasing it further away from the employee

  • Hushpak The Advitech Group Noise Control & Management

    As Managing Director of Hushpak, his primary focus is on achieving world-class technology driven solutions that address and solve real business issues pertaining to noise and workplace atmospheres. Michael is also responsible for The Advitech Group’s quality management system, which is accredited to AS/NZS ISO 9001:2015.

  • Interim construction noise guideline

    Interim construction noise guideline. The EPA sets noise limits in environment protection licences to minimise noise from construction. The Interim construction noise guideline guides the EPA in setting appropriate conditions in licences, and also helps councils to decide whether to approve proposed local construction projects.

  • Bengalla Mining Company Pty Limited Noise Management Plan

    Noise Management Plan Page 4 2.0 NOISE CONTEXT As a preface to the discussion of affectation and compliance it is appropriate to consider some specific characteristics of mining noise

  • MSHA Noise Reduction eNoise Control

    MSHA Noise Reduction . MSHA (Mine Safety and Health Administration) has noise regulations published for mine operators and miners. These noise standards are slightly different than OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Administration) guidelines. You can directly view a compliance guide to the standard via this link:

  • Revised Noise Management Plan (NMP-T) (July 2017) Draft

    Cowal Gold Operations Noise Management Plan 00855920 1 Evolution Mining (Cowal) Pty Limited 1 INTRODUCTION The Cowal Gold Operations (the CGO) is located approximately 38 kilometres (km) north-east of West

  • Submitting a noise control plan Department of Mines

    A noise control plan must be prepared and implemented within 6 months of completion of a noise report relating to a mining workplace. It is a written document listing the noise control treatments that have been decided upon, with a timetable for their implementation.

  • Noise Monitoring Assessment Alkane Resources Ltd

    (d) include a noise reduction strategy for progressively reducing mine noise during open cut mining operations, consistent with the noise scenarios described in the document ‘Tomingley Gold Mine Environmental Assessment Project Approval No. 09_0155 Modification 3’ dated November 2015.

  • Noise Safe Work Australia

    The model WHS Regulations, define the exposure standard for long term exposure to noise as the amount of sound energy, that is equivalent to a steady noise level of 85 decibels over an 8 hour shift. Whether this is exceeded depends on the level of noise involved and how long workers are exposed to it.

  • What is noisy data? Definition from WhatIs

    Noisy data unnecessarily increases the amount of storage space required and can also adversely affect the results of any data mining analysis. Statistical analysis can use information gleaned from historical data to weed out noisy data and facilitate data mining.