• The Northern Abandoned Mine Reclamation Program Canada.ca

    2019-08-19· The Northern Abandoned Mine Reclamation Program. From: Crown-Indigenous Relations and Northern Affairs Canada Backgrounder. Budget 2019 invested $49.9 million over 15 years ($2.2 billion on a cash basis), starting in 2020–21 to create the Northern Abandoned Mine Reclamation Program.


    The conceptual plan for the closure and reclamation of the Jay Project has been prepared following the closure and reclamation goal and objectives in the existing Interim described Closure and Reclamation Plan(ICRP) Version 2.4 for the Ekati Mine, as approved by the Wek'èezhı̀ı Land and

  • Sisson Project Conceptual Decommissioning, Reclamation and

    Sisson Project: Conceptual Decommissioning, Reclamation and Closure Plan May 16 2013 Page I of II Executive Summary The Sisson Project consists of developing, constructing, and operating an open pit tungsten and molybdenum mine. The Project is located in a rural and relatively remote part of west-central New Brunswick, in a landscape

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    Home » Divisions » Division of Water Resource Management » Mining and Mitigation Program » Limestone Mine General Information and Conceptual Plan for Mining and Reclamation Mining and Mitigation Program Quick Links

  • Reclamation & Closure Province of British Columbia

    All mining operations must carry out a program of reclamation and environmental protection to ensure that upon closure of a mine, land, watercourses and cultural heritage resources will be returned to a safe and environmentally sound state.


    current mine operating plan, updated or renewed community values, or advances in mine reclamation technology. Interim Reclamation Plans provide conceptual detail on the reclamation of mine components which will not be closed until near the end of the mining operations, and operational detail for components which are to be progressively


    CONCEPTUAL CLOSURE AND RECLAMATION PLAN 4 of 38 December 17, 2013 • Tailings Management Facility (TMF), and • Mine Access Road. Figure 1.3-1 shows the general layout of these mine components at their maximum extent. Section 3 of this plan is divided into the above components. For each component there is a

  • International Journal of Mining, Reclamation and

    Landscape restoration after oil sands mining: conceptual design and hydrological modelling for fen reconstruction Jonathan S. Pricea*, Robert G. McLarenb and David L. Rudolphb aDepartment of Geography and Environmental Management, University of Waterloo, Waterloo, ON, Canada; bDepartment of Earth and Environmental Science, University of Waterloo, Waterloo, ON, Canada

  • List of Abandoned Mining Sites MERN

    List of Abandoned Mining Sites. A full list of abandoned mining sites (in French only); The work plan for reclamation of abandoned mining sites (in French only); The following paragraphs provide details of the main steps in the management of abandoned mining sites taken over by the Ministère de l’Énergie et des Ressources naturelles (MERN).

  • Joint Information Requirements Table

    September 2019 2 Introduction The Information Requirements Table (IRT) serves as the single list of information requirements for a Mines Act (MA) permit application, issued by the Ministry of Energy, Mines and Petroleum Resources (EMPR), and an effluent discharge permit application under the Environmental Management Act (EMA), by the Ministry of Environment (ENV).

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    responsible mine closure throughout the mining life cycle, with examples from across Teck 3 . Reclamation: Reclamation is an important part of mine closure, and this section gets into more detail about how we reclaim sites, with more examples from Teck

  • Limestone Mine Conceptual Plan Change for Mining and

    LIMESTONE MINE . CONCEPTUAL PLAN CHANGE FOR MINING AND RECLAMATION INSTRUCTIONS: Complete the following and submit three (3) copies to the Bureau of Mining and Minerals Regulation at the above address. The following changes are requested in the approved conceptual plan for mining and . reclamation, coded _____, for the

  • Conceptual Reclamation Plan for the Elkview Coal Property

    Conceptual Reclamation Plan For The Elkview Coal Property At Sparwood, B.C. Page i Executive Summary This reclamation plan replaces the 20-year plan that was prepared by Westar Mining Ltd. (Westar 1983). It incorporates information that was presented in the 1983 plan, the wildlife mitigation

  • Sustainable Mining and Mine Reclamation

    Sustainable Mining and Mine Reclamation Our services cover mine closure planning, consulting in post-mining liabilities and are based on international standards. Any professional mine closure starts with early conceptual closure plans prior to production, periodic updates throughout the mine life cycle and a final decommissioning plan.

  • EKATI Diamond Mine Reclamation and Closure

    conceptual reclamation planning. Interim Plan updated with Life of Mine Plan Conceptual and Prefeasibility Stage during Interim Plan • Regulatory desire for executable standard documents now this is not practical for BHPB.

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    Mine reclamation is the process of restoring land that has been mined to a natural or economically usable state. Although the process of mine reclamation occurs once mining is completed, the planning of mine reclamation activities occurs prior to a mine being permitted or started.

  • Mine reclamation and the British Columbia environmental

    Two stages in the EA process provide for a structured review that confirms appropriate information, including conceptual reclamation plans, is in an application for an EA Certificate. There are currently 20 mining projects in the EA process; 18 projects reviews have been completed through a typical EA review and certified since 1995. An

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    We take mining and construction projects from the early conceptual vision, right through every stage of planning and development, until we hand you the keys to a fully operational business. Bring us your mining start-up and resource development challenges and we’ll take them on, delivering on time, without harm and on budget.

  • Tailings Storage Facility Conceptual Closure Plan

    KGHM Ajax Mining Inc. 809-6 Tailings Storage Facility Conceptual Closure Plan Alternatives Assessment ES-3 volume of material (approximately 156Mm3 of mine rock) required to reslope the reclamation cover towards the east embankment.

  • Reclamation and Closure Planning for Quartz Mining Projects

    Reclamation and Closure Planning for Quartz Mining Projects Plan requirements and closure costing guidance August 2013 . Reclamation and Closure Guidance i August 2013 Executive Summary A Reclamation and Closure Plan (RCP) describes how a quartz mine will be reclaimed and closed to return the mine site to an environmentally stable condition suitable for future land uses. RCPs also

  • Tailings Storage Facility Conceptual Closure Plan

    KGHM Ajax Mining Inc. 809-6 Tailings Storage Facility Conceptual Closure Plan Alternatives Assessment ES-3 volume of material (approximately 156Mm3 of mine rock) required to reslope the reclamation cover towards the east embankment.

  • Conceptual reclamation planning and the development of

    CONCEPTUAL RECLAMATION PLANNING AND THE DEVELOPMENT OF RESULTS-BASED STANDARDS AT ELK VALLEY COAL’S ELKVIEW OPERATIONS John Przeczek, R.P.F.1 Dave Ryder2 1Interior Reforestation Co. Ltd. P.O. Box 874 Cranbrook, B.C. V1C 4J6 2Elk Valley Coal Corporation, Elkview Operations RR1, Highway 3 Sparwood, B.C. V0B 2G1 ABSTRACT In the

  • Guide for Surface Coal Mine Reclamation Plans

    Nova Scotia Environment, Guide for Surface Coal Mine Reclamation Plans-7-capac ities, drainage, mul ches,and compacti on of the soil. Where little or no topsoi l exists prior to mining, it may be necessary to amend, manu facture or import

  • The Mining Reclamation Regime in the Northwest Territories

    mining reclamation. All ten jurisdictions do so from the standpoint of generally protecting all environmental media (i.e. air, water/hydrology, soils, plants and wildlife) and nine of the ten jurisdictions address reclamation of generally all facilities and structures at the relevant mine

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    Mine closure is the period of time when the ore-extracting activities of a mine have ceased, and final decommissioning and mine reclamation are being completed. It is generally associated with reduced employment levels, which can have a significant negative impact on local economies. It is also the period when the majority of mine reclamation is completed, making the land safe

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    NEWMONT GHANA GOLD LTD. AHAFO SOUTH PROJECT . Newmont Mining Corporation MFG, Inc. March 11, 2005 i PREFACE In 2005, Newmont Ghana Gold Ltd (NGGL) developed a conceptual (Draft) closure and reclamation plan for the Ahafo South Mining Project in compliance with requirements of the Ghanaian Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).

  • Reclamation of Abandoned Mining Sites MERN

    2017-03-31· Reclamation of Abandoned Mining Sites. Some mining sites in Québec are considered abandoned because they do not have a known or a solvent owner. Others that have been transferred back to the State or released by means of a certificate pursuant to section 232.10 of the Mining Act .

  • Reclamation Planning Update for the Snap Lake Diamond

    Reclamation Planning History • A conceptual Mine Reclamation Plan for the Snap Lake Project was completed and included in the Environmental Impact Statement submitted to the MVEIRB in February of 2002; • A Preliminary Mine Closure & Reclamation Plan was completed and submitted to the MVLWB in March of 2003 in support of the

  • Current Status of the Applications Resubmission of the EIA

    2016-01-25· Reclamation Proposed conceptual mine reclamation strategy. Air Quality. 4.1 Air Quality, Climate and Noise 4.1.2 [A] Identify components of the project that will affect air quality and (a, b, c). Guide to Preparing Environmental Impact Assessment Reports in Alberta (GoA 2013) Air Quality Model Guide (GoA 2013a) Suitability of numerical model and assessment of

  • Section F Reclamation Plan Alberta

    Coalspur Vista Project Section F Reclamation Plan . April 2012 Page F-2 [C] Provide a conceptual plan to monitor reclamation performance and success (including soils, vegetation, wildlife and aquatic resources). [D] Describe how the Proponent considered the use of progressive reclamation in project design and reclamation planning.