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    Hydrocarbons are the leading sector in Algeria's mineral industry, which includes diverse but modest production of metals and industrial minerals.In 2006, helium production in Algeria accounted for about 13% of total world output. Hydrocarbons produced in Algeria accounted for about 2.9% of total world natural gas output and about 2.2% of total world crude oil output in 2006.

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    List of links to Algeria's National Government Agencies and Ministries. The head of state is the president of Algeria. He is the head of the Council of Ministers and of the High Security Council. The president appoints the Prime Minister who is also the head of the government. The Prime Minister appoints the Council of Ministers. Algeria's

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    Energy/Mining Eni''s Strengthens its Position in North Africa''s Oil and Gas Exploration Sector. North Africa is not a far away territory for the Italian oil company Eni and October 2005 began with good news in both Algeria and Libya. Get the price; 3M™ DBISALA® Perimeter Limiter Leading Edge Anchor

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    People’s Democratic Republic of Algeria Ministry of Energy and Mining Law 01-10 of July, 3rd, 2001 on the Mining Act We wish to make it clear that this version is a preliminary translation A linguistic work of checking is in hand by jurists in order to give you more reliable version


    In Algeria, mining activities are regulated by law n° 14-05 dated 14 February 2014 on mining (the “Mining Code”). No implementing act has been adopted so far. The Mining Code foresees, however, that until all implementing acts of the Mining Code are adopted, those adopted in the context of the former mining code, namely law n° 01-10 dated 3 July 2001, remain applicable. Which Government

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    Mining-geological service. Training of the cadres. Publishing. The mining-geological works within Algeria are headed by the Directorate of Mines and Geology within the system of the Ministry of Heavy Industry, which comprises the departments: mining-ore, prospecting-explorative works, laboratory researches, and service of the geological map

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    Algeria is bordered to the northeast by Tunisia, to the east by Libya, to the west by Morocco, to the southwest by the Western Saharan territory, Mauritania, and Mali, to the southeast by Niger, and to the north by the Mediterranean Sea. It is a semi-presidential republic consisting of 48 provinces and 1,541 communes (counties).

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    Algeria holds the third-largest amount of proved crude oil reserves in Africa, all of which are located onshore because there has been limited offshore exploration. Apparently, two-thirds of the Algerian territory remain largely underexplored or unexplored (Source: US Energy Information Administration, Country Analysis Brief: Algeria, March 2016).

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  • Over 250 killed in Algerian military plane crash: state TV

    ALGIERS: More than 250 people including members of Western Sahara’s Polisario independence movement were killed when a military plane crashed in a field outside Algeria’s capital on Wednesday

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    Vehicle Identification. The perimeters of mining sites need to be secured, even if the site is remote and security staff is hardly available. Nedap’s AVI readers are used in mining sites all over the world to identify trucks, lorries, front loaders and other vehicles while they are performing their job at the site.

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    Algeria, large, predominantly Muslim country of North Africa. Most of the population resides along the Mediterranean coast, while the Sahara and its extreme climate dominate the country. Although an integral part of the Maghrib and the larger Arab world, Algeria also has a sizable Amazigh (Berber) population.

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    The mining claim, on the basis of which research and/or exploitation activities are carried out, is put at the state’s disposal by ALNAFT. The conditions of such a procedure will be ruled by a regulatory text. This agreement recognizes an exclusive right over the contractual perimeter of carrying out research and exploitation activities. As

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    The largest country in Africa, Algeria remains mainly underexplored as regards non-hydrocarbons mineral deposits, pointing to major potential opportunities in the mining sector. The authorities are keen to develop the industry, not only in order to boost minerals output itself, but also to provide raw materials for a range of emerging

  • Algeria Launches its 2nd International Exploration Round

    2009-07-01· Algeria Launches its 2nd International Exploration Round Source: gulfoilandgas 7/1/2009, Location: Africa The National Agency for Hydrocarbon Resources Valorisation «ALNAFT» announces the launching of the second national and international bidding call for award of exploration and exploitation hydrocarbons perimeters.

  • Update: 257 killed in Algerian military plane crash News

    More than 250 people including members of Western Sahara's Polisario independence movement were killed when a military plane crashed in a field outside Algeria's capital on Wednesday, officials said.

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    Mining Insider, Mines, Yukon Fireweed intersects 38 meters of 8.73% Zinc, 7.62% Lead and 129 g/t Silver. Fireweed Zinc is a new public mineral exploration company focused on zinc and managed by a veteran team of mining industry professionals

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    The legal status of bitcoin (and related crypto instruments) varies substantially from state to state and is still undefined or changing in many of them. Whereas the majority of countries do not make the usage of bitcoin itself illegal, its status as money (or a commodity) varies, with differing regulatory implications.

  • Mining Law no. 85/18.03 FAO

    Mining Law no. 85/18.03.2003 The Parliament ofRomania adopts the present law: The present Mining Law regulates the mining activities in Romania, stimulating the capitalization ofthe mineral resources, which are public property ofthe state. The Law assures maximum transparency ofthe mining activities and a fair competition,

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    Australian Capital Territory and Jervis Bay Territory. The Canberra Yass district was chosen as the site of the new national capital in 1908. An area covering 2358 square kilometres was ceded to the Commonwealth in 1911, forming the Australian Capital Territory. It was considered that the capital should have its own port and consequently the

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    2016-11-03· Find your bookmarks by selecting your profile name. The giant hole in the ground, visible several kilometres away from the vantage point of a jet-propelled plane, looks

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    Mauritania: Mining 2020. The ICLG to: Mining Laws and Regulations Mauritania covers common issues in mining laws and regulations including the mechanics of acquisition of rights, foreign ownership and indigenous ownership requirements and restrictions, processing, beneficiation

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    Our wireless mining automation solutions are tailored for Major, Intermediate and Junior mines. With our fast-roaming wireless solution for mobile applications we can connect vehicles and trucks moving around the mine, for automation and safety related mobile applications. Why Fluidmesh Mesh Networks for Wireless Mining Automation?


    26. Presidential Order n° 143/10 of 11/05/1971 establishing NORD KIGALI mining concession and attributing mining permit to MINETAIN-RWANDA Company. Seen to be annexed to the Presidential Order n°63/01 of 12/02/2014 repealing Presidential Orders establishing mining concession and allocating mining exploitation licenses.

  • Algeria’s Energy Minister receives Norwegian delegation

    In this regard, he insisted on Algeria’s desire to work more “to improve its hydrocarbon resources and to explore and exploit its hydrocarbon mining heritage”. The minister also highlighted the partnership projects that can be concluded in the field of renewable energies in Algeria.

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    In 2000, the government proposed allowing foreign investors to develop mineral deposits held by the national mining companies. The national geologic and mineral research office has identified many mineral deposits. However, they were located in remote areas that lacked infrastructure or government funding for development. With Algeria's

  • Let’s act together against the gold mining project ! #

    Dear Mr President, I am asking you to protect the Amazon forest in French Guiana by refusing the Montagne d’Or industrial mining project. You made a commitment before the entire world to fight against climate change and to protect the planet during the One Planet Summit.

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    Algeria is the second largest country in Africa (by area) with a population of approximately 34 million. During 2000, Algeria embarked on a new series of reforms to open up the private sector and provide a supportive and transparent environment to encourage foreign investment. A new mining law was promulgated and a new privatization act


    06 Mining in Africa and The Middle East We are able to provide documents that comply with British or French law, as many African countries require. MIDDLE EAST DLA Piper Middle East is

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    The Algerian territory has been divided into Zones A, B, C and D with specified tax rates applicable in each registered Zone. Algeria aims to achieve 290 wells in 2017, against 265 in 2016. According to the latest estimations, approximately two-thirds of Algerian territory remains underexplored or unexplored meaning the country is ripe

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    Welcome to the Algerian Embassy Website in the United Kingdom